Serene Virgo

Serene Virgo

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The beautiful woman, depicted with wavy long hair, symbolizes the grace and compassion of Virgo, embodying their innate ability to care for others and bring harmony to their surroundings.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does SpaceDog Tattoo work?

When applied to the skin, our plant-based ink interacts with certain components of the skin. It forms a stain beneath the surface, creating a visible design. As the stain develops over 24-48 hours, the tattoo takes on a darker and more intricate appearance.

How long does it last? What if I want to remove it sooner?

SpaceDog Tattoo lasts on the skin for approximately 14 days while gradually fading away. However, if customers wish to remove it sooner, they can gently exfoliate the skin using a soft brush or loofah with warm, soapy water. It might take a few more gentle tries to accelerate the fading of the tattoo completely.

Is the application painful? Is it safe?

Experience the painless and safe beauty of SpaceDog Tattoo! Our plant-based formula with Jagua mixed component offers a non-toxic and gluten-free choice for body art, free from harmful chemicals and animal products. Unlike traditional tattoos, our application is gentle, similar to putting on a sticker, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all.

What color/shade will it appear?

With the plant-based formula, our tattoo develops into a stunning dark blue or black color, depending on individual skin. The resulting hue adds a touch of mystery and allure to the temporary tattoo, making it an ideal canvas for creative expression.

Does it work on all skin tones?

Yes! SpaceDog Tattoo is suitable for all skin tones.